About the Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation, Inc.

Prayer Press Release

Congressional Prayer Caucus Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit, non-partisan organization committed to protecting our freedom to publicly pray and express our faith in God; and restoring Judeo-Christian principles to their rightful place in the marketplace of ideas. Our goal is to work alongside members of congress to unify the nation to trust God again.

Our Motivation:

There is a concerted effort to expunge every vestige of God from government and the influence that the Christian Faith had on establishing the principles upon which our liberties were secured. The Court's continued bias towards secularism- defined as the rejection or exclusion of religion or religious influence - and against Faith's influence in public discourse creates a hostile environment for citizens that desire complete freedom of expression in regards to their faith’s role in public discourse and shaping public policy.

Furthermore, this bias has created an environment in public education where the historical facts regarding the role Christian Faith played in forming our Republic has been all but eliminated. The result being a generation deprived of the truth concerning the importance of Faith’s influence in the marketplace of ideas.

Our Strategy:

We are dedicated to:

1. Establishing a network of incessant prayer as the underpinning of this movement – as well as partnering

    with other organizations to construct a Prayer Wall around America.
2. Working with legislators to create an architecture within federal and state governments for the purpose

    of protecting religious and individual freedom for generations to come.
3. Encouraging, sustaining, supporting, and equipping godly leaders to live and lead in accordance

    with a Biblical worldview.

4. Sparking an intellectual awakening regarding the principles and values illuminated in our founding



In 2005, Congressman Randy Forbes of Virginia began unifying other Congressional Members and leaders to stand against this national threat; believing that through trust in God, prayer, and strategic action we can preserve and protect our religious freedom. To that end Congressman Forbes obtained a strategic room in the Capitol, Room 219, in which Congressional Members could convene before every session to pray for our country. This room is a place where members of Congress meet weekly to seek the face and hand of God for Divine wisdom and intervention in our government affairs.

These Members later formed the Congressional Prayer Caucus – an official caucus of the U.S. Congress – to formally acknowledge the important role that faith in God and prayer plays in American life and history and to stand as a sentinel to guard the right of individuals in America to publicly pray and express faith in God.